Keller's Medical Billing Service - We are an extension to your Practice
               KMBS, Inc.
Your Success is Our Businessis a medical billing & collections company located in San Jose, California.   We provide professional and quality medical billing and collections to many provider specialties.  Our services include medical billing, patient and insurance collections, coding assistance as well as assistance with contract negotiations and credentialing.
We focus on assuring financial success of our Providers while, at the same time, allow them to maintain control of their practices. Our Providers count on us to understand and stay abreast of the ever-changing rules and regulations in the medical billing industry, and to make sure that they are collecting every penny that they are entitled to collect. We have proven success of pulling Providers out of near financial ruin and since signing on with Keller's are now consistently receiving the revenue they deserve.  We assure our Providers that we will collect every dollar they are entitled. We are committed to excellence and we keep our promise to deliver.
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